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15 December 2008 @ 10:17 pm

everyday with you is a blast.

~*[] *~

say I'm crazy,
I got you crazy.

If you thought boys were cute,
you obviously haven't met

You will forever be in my heart.
If I could describe love in one word,
it would be [葵]

if only we could buy our own

I see [葵]
in my future.

You are my angel
sent from heaven.

Fangirling's great.

It's like an obsession,
with even more screaming.

Its not my fault that

make me squeal like an
obsessive, crazy fangirl.

Some days....
I wonder if you really know that I am here.
Some days....
I wonder if you can see me.
Some days....
I wonder if you if you can hear

see me,
love me.
Some days....
I just wonder if you
could ever be mine.

If only for just a little while

[ ♥ 葵 ♥ ] gave me a branch of mistletoes
for Christmas so that we can
kiss a n y t i m e underneath it.

I wouldn't get lost in Wonderland like Alice
Only in your eyes, {}

"I promise, I'll always protect you, [ルチア],
Like card soldiers protect the Queen!"
"Thennn~ I promise, I'll always love you!
[]-ちゃん が好き。"

{ & I sit under a tree and watch the cherry blossoms fall. }

This is *69!
Is it a - or a +?
Can you do the math,

SHINE, c'mon & let it shine.
Shine on, today.

葵 makes my heart fly
like a firework in July.

It may be raining and cold,
But 葵 is keeping me warm.

葵 & ルチア aren't star-crossed lovers
They are lovers that have been blessed by the stars

I lost a bet to {葵} and now they own my soul

Amante ☆葵☆

is the only sunshine
on my
cloudy weekdays.

All I Want For Christmas Is You, {葵}

If → r a i n d r o p s ← couℓd teℓℓ how much
I ℓove { 葵 } it wouℓd rain aℓℓ day◦

I thought my inbox will be always empty ~
But yesterday I got a message from { }.
It was full of love

I can't stop loving

nobody nobody but 'chu,

~ has the most beautiful voice of Christmas ♥

葵: Have you already opened my christmas present?
ルチア: No. Why?
葵: Open it!

And so I found the engagement ring in the box

The most beautiful thing of Christmas is
葵's smile after he had opened my present ♥

Things which make my christmas:

♥ 葵's arms around my waist
All I want for Christmas is 『葵』

" I will believe
so the two of us can be together in love
I’ll hold your hand forever, don’t let
go, let’s make a promise, the two of us
A pair of thoughts, now they can come
together and from a whole
Just the two of us"
- [葵] -

Whenever I see [葵]
It's as if a storm has started

Me & [葵]
Were caught
kissing in the rain...

I'll be dreaming of [葵]
Christmas Eve...

I will travel the universe,
just to see you once again,
my love...

Being with you, is like being on
cloud nine


The more time we spend together,
and with all the memories we share,
every day, I fall in love with you
all over again

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and I
built the perfect snowman together!

Santa's been planning naughty stuff this year!
I sneaked a peek at his list of presents to give and guess what I saw for mine!
Naked 葵 with just a ribbon!
I mean, I didn't even write the details on my wishlist!
Not that I actually mind Santa giving me that.

Dear Santa,

This year I've been a good girl.
Because of that I left you these cookies and milk under the Christmas tree. About my presents, I think I should get the follows:
a trip
and the last, but the most important: , who includes: happiness, healthy, relaxation!
But, in case you can't bring me everything on the list, just bring me 葵 and I'll be the first on your good list for many year on ^-^.

Sincerely, ルチア.

tell me that loves me

that would like me
what do i do? it makes me so happy!

i don't know how long i've been dreaming
but now i know that loves me
oh my! tell me one more time!

what to do, it makes me so happy
because it feels like i'm dreaming
i keep pinching myself
will tell me that it's not a dream?

Winter Christmas is warmer because of [葵.]


◦ 葵 ◦
so → sweet ← and so funny,like sugar and honey ,
so nice and fine & → forever mine ← ♥.

i want to lean on 葵's shoulder
and tell him "thank you"
"i love you, i will only give you happiness"

a love song, he smiles

be in 葵's arms

You're the very best part
of my life,

i hope that will acknowledge my feelings

my heart beats for

how many times i try to fix my heart
it doesn't work
nobody knows my feelings towards

aren't eternal
but is the most special
for he'll believe me forever

i can't stop
even if people can't understand me
i just love him, baby i love

that i make it hard for him
even if nobody knows how i feel
if it's , it's fine

it's my crazy love for

your voice is music to my ears.

Everytime I see


I get butterflies in my stomach.

kissed me under the mistletoe.

You and I believe in love
You and I believe it all
You and I look at the rain
Eyes like firefly

all I want for Christmas is

{葵} is my rhythm ♥

A gift in my life,

Giving me beautiful dreams,


Happy New Year and Happy Birthday
to my ear so gently,
that my legs get trembling.

When a group of Christmas Carolers
came to our house and
started singing
Silent Night,
:::: immediately snickered
and told them,

"Sorry guys but we're going to have
anything but a silent night tonight!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPiconly 葵 holds the key to my heart
"葵, why were given two hands to hold,
two legs to walk,
two eyes to see,
two ears to hear,
but only one heart?"

葵 just looks at me with those beautiful sable-colored eyes and says :
"Because the other one was given to someone for us to find, and ルチア, I found you."
There are people who are love and there are people who are sex. ♂
[[]] belonges to latter ones.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
im 葵's
little christmas elf

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[葵] : **chuu**
[ルチア] : what was that for? there's no mistletoe
[葵] : *looks up, and was holding a small piece above our heads*
[ルチア] : baaaaaka **chuu**
then 葵 and i kissed the chrismas night away...
this time the mistletoe wasn't needed

, it's cold outside...
So get your butt over here
and keep me warm!

¤¤ 葵-YAKI ¤¤
☆ ☆
I wanna get me some of that

My Fandom
【»the GazettE«】
breaks records

¤¤ [葵] ¤¤
The Frog Prince

The perfect husband and wife.

ルチア ¤ ¤
is a triangle full of cookies and kisses.

¤ is instant in pants reaction couple.

☆☆ ルチア
「 Childish Lovers 」

[ ★ 葵 ★ ]
is some kinda fine.

ルチア ¤¤ ¤¤ :: deluxe chicken sandwhich :: its what's for lunch

of silky kisses and soft songs

xx 葵 xx 麗 xx
@ ONE TOUCH @ Lovin'
:: band-aids suggested ::

葵 & 麗
~ a match made in heaven ~

葵 ☆☆ 麗
♡ Eternal ♡ :: SOUL MATES ::

葵 ¤ 麗
were meant to be hopefully b.e.a.u.tiful,You and me, Micky!

{葵 xx 麗} == VeRbAl AbUsE ==
it's all about the love
葵 ¤¤ 麗
Love is a battlefield


How I wish Tinkerbell is here and bring me to where [葵] is,
and tell him how much I love him

An angel is made from a pure heart of a dear person like you

whether it is sad or happy,i will hug you tight and never let you go
even the world is about to dissapear, i will always be by your side

, give me your love
because you may play with me
let's make it dirty by you and me

The only guy worth >> my << tears is .

Last night I had a dream.
dressed up as Link
and s a v e d me from Ganondorf's evil castle!

i spent my first few hours of the new year
wrapped up naked in 葵's arms

ルチア:Honey~, what's your New Year's promise for next year? :3 ”
: ” Umm.. I think that... it's that I won't be a second without you, my love~ *chuu*

I'll only share my
ramen with

So you think Cookie Monster loves
those cookies? Wait 'till you see
how much [葵] loves me!

Once upon a time, there was a girl
following the road that would somehow
lead her to 葵's heart, hoping
to find her "happily ever after"

& ルチア
Just like the building blocks we used to play with, our
love is growing like the tallest towers we used to build.

葵's voice is my rainbow,
I'd cross the sky just to reach it

my little boys together

I have the same cell phone strip
like has.
It’s no wonder, I got it from he.

[葵],I bought the astranauts kit

Now all I need is a rocket.

I want to lean on your shoulder and tell you
"Thank you, I Love You, I will only give you happiness"

I'm going to have a free ride in the love bus with 「葵」!
And yes, I am going to rape him. (*≧▽≦)
Love was just a word until
」 gave it a proper meaning.

Happily Ever After
will only happen
if it's with

the only person i'll
share my pocky with
is -葵-

FEEL that,

That's my love
4 u

Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.
[_ & I_]

"I 葵e && && ナオ "
well, 'Greedy' is my middle name. ;D