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15 March 2009 @ 07:39 pm

There may be other fish in the sea,
but is the only one for me.

Even when the skies are grey and gloomy
and it's raining so damn hard outside...

When I see smile
the world seems Photobucket b r i g h t e r Photobucket again

葵 and I made c u p c a k e s all afternoon

And he let me lick the icing off his finger


leaves me notes like ↑↑ this ↑↑ wherever I go.

Aren't you jealous?

I don't have the capability to
paint the skies blue
when dark clouds set in...
but I do have an umbrella
we can both share
in case those raindrops fall..

OMG STFU! -葵- is calling me!!



{} once told me,
"to us butlers, our ladies' presence is like the sun."
and so I told him back that he doesn't need to say those
things one by one
but he insisted that he wants to then added,

"if {ルチア-王女} were to look at somebody else other than me
I'd feel the pain.
so please, don't turn your eyes away from me."
I was going to ask what he meant
but then before I knew it, our lips had met already.

when he drew back he whispered
"it's our little secret
because romance between a lady and a butler is prohibited."
I could only nod in surprise
as I fell into a daze from the wonderful first kiss we just had.

~~, forget Red Bull!
Our l o v e gives me wings

As long as I believe
the reason I'm here

So you ask what would I be without ?
Like Stevie without Wonder

Hunger without food

A sheep without a shepherd

A sleep without his message.
You shine like summer skies
You make me wonder why

You are a beautiful mystery

No reason to live, without .

My heart is saying that you're the one for me, .

It's just a blessing to have you in my life
I was destined, to be with you
privilege so amazing no question,

With times to worry and times to play
We'll sit and stress over life or just burn the day away .


Then he spoke
I never heard a voice so sweet, heavenly

Man I knew
was deep
Just like me.

Destiny taps me on the back - saying hello
But really it was
葵's touch
No and I'll never let him go.

We started off as perfect strangers,
Boy meets girl, infatuation to love

now you're my whole entire world,

Heaven sent, God's gift without a doubt in my mind
It's .

Mesmerized by his beauty from his feet to his hands
How could
be so beautiful I don't understand.

I remember my first glimpse of 葵's face,
I saw him smile, then I smile

I was straight blown away.

I just wanted you to know the person that I am
More than any other of your fans
I will love you for a thousand years
Yours truly, Luchia

Who am I trying to fool
Honey, I've got your ringtone on my Blackberry
And I won't give a damn
If only I knew how

You've got me crying like a child
Ain't no need for me to lie
A hundred thousand jpeg files
Filling up my hard drive

I'm EverLastingFriend of
『이성민 & 예성』

[葵] will be like THIS when he is full ♥

my spring will definitely be colourful with ♥葵♥ by my side

You're my all, my everything
I want your dream to come true
I became strong with you beside me My love
If there is time to wish for eternal happiness when flowers blossom
I can protect you anytime
I want to be a two where we'll never be apart
and you always be my all, my everything

I'll go out to protect this love
If we're together we can surely overcome all
Could I have thought like that at first?
So I don’t let go of this hand
I'll always gaze carefully at time

++ I want to protect you even if I lose everything

can't read my, can't read my
no one can read my poker face
that is, except for {}
well of course~ he already knows me
inside and out.

When I open my eyes
I think of you

(Hey ) asleep or awake,
the truth is I can see only you

(Tell me) in your heart I
(Tell me) did I get a spot
(Tell me) please tell me
I'm stupid, stupid, stupid

sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
I, I, I first
For you, for you, for you I fell
Fell, fell, fallen baby

Shawty, Shawty, Shawty, Shawty
Eyes are blinding, blinding, blinding
Breath is stifled, stifled, stifled
I'm going crazy, crazy baby

Hey , will you come to me now?
I feel like I'm going to really go crazy
I want to only love you
I will never think of looking at anyone else
Happy together

[ 葵 ]

You make me happy

everytime i see you, i get a heartquake.

without you i'll be miserable at best.

★ 葵 ★
you are my SHININGSTAR.

[葵]→ i'll meet you five minutes to midnight.

i need you, i need you here, i need you now
i need security somehow, i need you,
like you would not believe, you're the only thing i want,
cause you're everything i need.

, some people may never understand what I see in you...
and that's perfectly fine with me because i dont want them to

"you know you're in love when you see that someone ... your heart flutters, you stomach gets butterflies, and the rest of the world disappears, well that someone is you, "

my love, my drug...his lips are poison...and his ♥ is my addiction

"You are the only one I want to spend my whole life with I know
Anywhere you are, that's where I will call home
So just take my hand and say that you will never let it go
I'm nothing without you, Luchia"

stolen my soul stolen my heart, i'm filled with you so much that i can't breathe

I'll never let you go, See only me
Forever in my arms YOU BELONG TO ME
On sunny days and rainy days
I'll be close to you, protecting you
The two of us, let's make a promise
. . . everyday every night . . .

now i can care less about concert goodies,fanclubs and tickets because i already got ♥[葵]♥
why?you're jealous?

How could I ever love another?
How could you say you don't remember?
God knows I'd give anything for just one more night together.
Today I'll miss you more than ever.
How could you say you don't remember?
This one's for the happiness I'll be wishing you forever.

[] and I r o l l e d u p to be a S I N G L E S T A R in the sky []

[葵] is my raft, just in case i drift from the shore and he needs to save me - he won't let me float alone

I want nobody but you

葵's voice
is my reason to live

no matter how bad a day may be
I'll never feel sad
because I know I'll spend all night
wrapped up in 葵's arms

From the day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melted together so naturally

I closed my eyes
and thoughts of
filled my head
when I heard somebody say

"you are my fire
the one desire"

I turned around and there
he was,
standing right behind me.

tears suddenly began pouring
as he held me tightly
and whispered

"believe me {Luchia},
I want it that way"

you are my fire
the one desire
believe when I say
"I want it that way"

{Mmmm!, t a s t e s l i k e cake

After we dance in the cold rain,
-葵's- favourite thing to do is
warm up in a hot bath with me.

if only we could throw away
everything but that which is truly important

but reality is just cruel

at times like that, I can always close my eyes

and you're there smiling

how many times did I lose my way?
whenever I did, there was a warm hand
and you were the one who held it out to me

what will we think at the end of this long journey?
I wonder if we are all travelers searching for love
let's go together, until we've had enough

when you laid your exhausted body down and went to sleep

I watched you, holding my breath
I am the only person in the whole world
who knows your sweet, helpless profile

the reason my tears overflowed even though I wasn't sad
was because your love penetrated the scars deep in my heart
so deeply it hurt and turned them into tenderness

if you meet a deep sadness one day
I hope you would share it with me

I wonder what I can do for the sake of that smile
because it's my precious treasure

because you're my precious treasure

Oh, I think you know what this means.

Although yesterday was painful,
it became a warm memory today,
because freed my heart from the pain.

I understood the meaning of living,
and know the joy of having been born,
all because of .
"Let's stay together always.."

laugh only for me,
touches only me with those gentle fingers,
sees only me in his eyes.

» « looks best without his clothes.
[I know it's wrong but it's the way it goes]

Although our parents won't let us be
I'll sneak out to see you every night
At the convenience store

I live in a rhytm of our never ending love .

Some days ago I went on a beach to look for some shells
When I found you, , I stopped searching
Because you're my most precious shell

a story that will end emotionally
began that day when {} said I love you
I can’t wait patiently for the start of the second half

instead of endlessly doubting
I want to hear that dubious “I love you
until the end, always always

what should I do when I doubt even just a little?
already a liar,
but I love you
I want to be by your side, always always

I look back on the fleeing shadows along the road
the “I love you” {} said that day
I can’t help chasing after it, always always


it's automatic
just by being by your sidejust by you looking at me with those eyes
the excitement won't stop
I can't say no

I just can't help

when I'm held by

it seems like we're in paradise
shining brightly I close my eyes and soon
I feel so good

now that’s automatic

Holding hands to keep us warm
Colorless, unfading.. The spinning world, it takes
「葵 & I」 into arms

The sky is pretty, isn't it..
The stars are pretty, aren't they..
But you are...the prettiest in my eyes.



I want to take a r i d e on [葵'S] discos t i c k


I don't want anyone else but !

is the only one
who could wake me up from
eternal slumber~

will protect me from
the scariest of thunderstorms~

you set me off, i can't
wait to feel your hands
on me
, and when we rock,
feels just like the devil's

take my hand take a breath
hold me close and take one step
keep your eyes locked on mine
and let the music be your g u i d e

It's like catching
the chances finding
someone like you,

Do I need a r e a s o n for
why I like you?

» » I wanna tell [葵] a SECRET and leave it on his [lips].
most blogcrews have a cute pixel
and a c h e e s y line to express my love for
well, this one doesn't have either.

Like a honey bee
You took the best of me
Now I can't erase those memories
Like a fairy tale
You are so unreal
You left a scar that's so hard to heal..

his name is more meaningful than love itself

<> is my LOVE ADDICT ~ Come light my fire!

those sunflowers are the ones
that witness our love,

i am happy like this because
accompanies me
everytime, everywhere

[[]] will always get the spiders for me.

+ ME + BED =

I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you
until you l o v e me
Baby, there's no other superstar
You know that I'll be your

both [葵] and me like to share cotton candy after having fun at the amusement park.♥

[葵],Even if it's someone like me, I can get stronger if you're with me
Love is a strange magic, I'm not afraid of anything
Even if everyone around the world turn into enemies, I'll never let you go

it's that part of the concert again.
as {} goes up the stage,
he takes a deep breath and shouts my name
along with the message of
"{Luchia}, this is for you and you only.
I hope that you'll be listening
wherever you are
as {Cassis} will be our theme song
now and forever."

That's my boy, .

i don't see what
anyone can see in any
one else but you.

Easter bunny, what you got for me?
이성민, ,

Sometimes he's the stick in my side
At others he's the stick in my pants
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